The idea 

Why do we like giving?

Modern technology keeps making us spend time by ourselves, with our hi-tech products and the virtual world of friends we are further from reality and forgetting about ordinary human contact, sharing the joy of play or common activities that we experience with our loved ones and especially with our children. It is already at the time of our first steps our nature is to be part of a group and to pursue common activities. 

We wanted to offer technology which will allow common and mutual communication among children and families with a mere touch of a finger.

And we managed...... the  Magic Table emerged


"Play together...."

  • Unbelievable fun for the entire family.
  • Excellent form of common games a children's learning.
  • A unique accessory for Your child's playroom.
  • Beautiful picture for your photos and videos when friends are around.


"We want to be looking forward to nursery.."

  • Make nursery more interesting for children.
  • Let children compete amongst themselves and see how they improve.
  • One Magic Table for girls and one for boys.
  • Children will be looking forward to every morning.  :)

Children's Surgeries

"The injection from the doctor doesn't hurt so much anymore..."

  • Children will be entertained, won't be stressed and afraid.
  • Visit to a doctor won't be an unpleasant experience.
  • Join in and relax Your children with a game.
  • You might even see the doctor or nurse at the Magic Table.

Hotels, restaurants

"Kid's friendly hotels"

  • "Mummy I would like to go to the hotel with the table.."
  • Children won't be bored in restaurants ever again.
  • You would like to see the menu on the Magic Table - no problem.
  • See videos of popular dishes being prepared and draw your favourite meal.
  • For hotels and restaurants we are preparing the option of renting Magic Table (follow our Facebook and website)

Shopping malls, children's play areas and events for children.

"Parents shop, we want to play"

    • Great fun for children everywhere, where they need to wait for parents.
    • Children's play areas, airports, shopping malls get more
    • Be careful the children maybe wish not to board the plane
    • We can bring our tables to birthday parties or children' s parties and together with our assistant we shall play with Your children and entertain them.

We want to play, we want to play with children, we want to live for children and we want to be happy...