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Most children have a very short-lasting attention and retraction of their interest over longer periods is often a big problem. Magic Table uses "Snowflake MultiTeach and Entertainment software" which entertains children for extended periods of time. "Snowflake" offers more than 30 apps and even more are being developed. All applications and games are designed to develop the skills of children's thinking, especially their logical and mathematical skills, social abilities and collective cooperation.

Favorite Apps

                  Hockey - up to 4 players, great fun for kids and adults alike

                 Paint - paint with Your children and help them develop imagination

                Puzzle - amazing fun while completing puzzles

                 Piano - can You play Your favorite song?

                Bugs - children's most favorite game - circle the bugs so You collect more than others

               Memory - well know game that sharpens Your memory

               Geography  - lovely educational game, You need to know Your geography !

               Aliens - good old shooting game

             Maths - different kind of calculation tasks for young maths stars

             Frogs - beautiful game for 4 players

             Curling -  did You know the Czech has a very successful national team - try it as they do 


           Animals - practice Your English. Match pictures and words

           Clock -  can You tell the time? Show me half-past twelve :)

           Gravitoy -  excellent game to learn the basics of physics

Like it? .... There is so much more .....

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