Snowflake Entertainment is designed for younger children and entertains them with the basics of working on electronic devices and, above all, enabling them to set up their collective understanding in a joining game and allow them to work in groups from the early beginning..

We introduce pre-installed Snowflake software in two versions. One of them can be install on our tables. The first Multiteach is designed more for fun children's education. You can find apps for practicing basics of mathematics, language, geography as well as popular game applications.

Soon we will bring another table to our market, this time a bigger brother of our "magical table" for all dads and mums for their offices to anable them work faster and be home sooner and play with children :)

Loneliness tends to spread from person to person due to negative social interactions and other factors. In other words, when one person is lonely, this loneliness is likely to extend to friends or contacts of a lonely individual. By exacerbating it, people tend to further isolate people who are lonely because we have evolved to avoid the threat of...

Our dear visitors ... you came to see us, you came to play, relax and talk to us, and some from you bought already and help us with recommendation. The first 5 pieces were sold in 3 days and we received orders from the first kindergarden and one clinic. Thank you very much .....

МWe are delighted to welcome You at the 5-star shopping mall - Nový Smíchov. Please accept an invitation to our stand, where You can see and try out our Magic Table. We are looking forward to meeting You every day from 12th of December on the second floor next to Café Level.

The new app for Magic Table is called Geography. Excellent application that will test Your geography knowledge. A world map is desplayedand flags with country names. Your task is to match the countries with their flags. Compare Your knowledge and test Yourselves together with friends or family. We wish You the best of luck!

Our facebook page brings You new information daily. Follow us and express Your support and wishes. Thank you.